Catalonia Today

The clock is now ticking

Turull will appear tomorrow before the Supreme Court judge without having been invested president but with the countdown for elections in motion


Democrats and Republicans agree

Democrats and Republicans agreed yesterday to a budget of €1,056 billion, including a large increase for the Pentagon and the payment for part of the wall which would separate the US from Mexico.. The...


University opens investigation into Cifuentes’ degree

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles yesterday ordere an investigation to analyse the controversy surrounding the master’s degree awarded to the president of the community of Madrid, Cristina...


Palestinian teen sentenced to eight months

A teenage Palestinian girl who was filmed kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank accepted a plea deal on Wednesday and will be sentenced to eight months in prison, her lawyer...

Seat to produce two new models a year until 2020

Seat wants to make the most of the momentum of 2017, a year of record growth and results, to go on the offensive by launching a new model every six months until 2020, the year in which it will launch its...

Llarena precipitates investiture

The Speaker of the House Roger Torrent reacted quickly in the face of yet another judicial tactic aimed at stalling the investiture debate by calling a plenary session of Parliament this afternoon with...

Racist cases not reported

57% of cases of racism go unreported according to SOS Racism; victims are unprotected and wary of the system; 29% of the cases involve police officers


Boko Haram militants free 91 girls in Nigeria

Islamist militants freed 91 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls on Wednesday, driving them back into the town where they had been captured a month ago. The captors gave no reason for their release, which triggered...


Suspected Austin bomber dies in explosion

An unemployed 23-year-old man suspected of a three-week bombing campaign in Texas that killed two people and injured five others before blowing himself up on the side of a highway was identified by local...