Catalonia Today

Govt. says no to Mossos

Chief prosecutor in Catalonia appoints Guardia Civil colonel to take control of all police forces; Catalan Home Office says it will not cede command of Mossos

Germany, under the specter of the far-right

It would take a miracle to stop Angele Merkel from becoming Chancellor of Germany for the 4th consecutive term in the Federal Republic’s elections today, with her promise of welfare, security and stability...

For the “common good”

Montoro admits his department is now receiving weekly audits but insists on “indefinite” spending control that will ensure payment of civil servant salaries


Let’s keep calm and do it our way

When people began to become more active on the independence issue in favour and were faced with Spain’s negative reaction, someone resurrected an famous British WWII slogan “keep calm and carry on.”...

Forcing the law to the limit

State prosecutor summons first 37 mayors for openly supporting October 1 referendum amid challenges to legality of using local police as judicial officers


Serbian Prime Minister leads Gay Pride parade

The Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, a lesbian, yesterday led the LGBT Pride March in Belgrade, where she said that the situation of homosexuals in her country had improved and that there is tension,...


London eases recent terrorist alert level

The UK has reduced the terror alert level from “critical” to “severe” after the arrest of two people in connection with the explosion on Friday in the London Underground. The Minister of the Interior,...


Quick test helps in treatment of schizophrenia

A new test has been developed to determine the capacity of short-term memory, mental speed and organizational capacities of schizophrenics in just 20 minutes will provide each patient to be treated in...


Barcelona attends to 3,000 asylum seekers

Since January, over 2,900 people have been given assistance as asylum seekers in Barcelona by the Service for Immigrants, Emigrants and Refugees (Saier). The service’s director Ramon Sanahuja, and municipal...