Catalonia Today


Tunisia announces social reforms

Tunisia plans to increase support for poor families and needy people, a government source said, after protests broke out in the North African country. The source did not give more details but it was the...


Chelsea Manning to run for US Senate

Chelsea Manning, the transgender U.S. Army soldier who served seven years in prison for leaking classified data, is seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate seat from Maryland. Manning,...


Ryanair begins to charge for 2nd carry-on bag

Irish low cost airline Ryanair today begins to apply a new policy requiring passengers to pay extra if they want to carry more than one item of hand-luggage. As of now, only passengers with priority Plus...


PSC announces it will support Colau’s budget

The PSC will support the Barcelona City Council’s next budget and claimed, as have done Ciutadans, that Ada Colau wants the vote of the independence parties in the council at the cost of her party’s...

Light years from equality

The wage gap between genders increased with the financial crisis but has not fallen with recovery; transparency and laws are only part of the solution

Court will decide if Millet case involves Convergència

Does Convergència (CDC) have anything to do with the Millet case? That is one of the questions that will be answered tomorrow when the judge hands down the final sentence of the case of misappropriation...


Supreme Court ruling forces MPs to delegate vote from prison

The Supreme Court yesterday headed for its first collision in Spain’s democratic history over their rights of representation of MPs elected in the polls. In an unprecedented decision, the judge Pablo...

Barcelona’s El Prat breaks record

El Prat closed 2017 with record air-traffic catering to 47 million passengers; 7.1% growth exceeded Madrid’s 5.9%


Stikes and ptoests in Greece over reforms

Thousands of Greek protesters marched in Athens on Friday against new reforms that parliament is set to approve next week in return for bailout funds. The first major protests of 2018 saw the shutdown...