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The shirt off my back

The signs of summer are unmistakable. Swallows cavort outside my office window as they hunt flying insects trying to find a way into my house and feast on my blood. The neighbour’s kids make a racket...


Reclaim your heritage

In line with my vow to write only positive words in this column henceforth, this month’s reflections attempt to continue with the theme of positive consequences emerging from the current crisis. Clearly,...



Thank you Frida.Your self-effacing, sweeping memoir of living on a continent sliding towards disaster offers an engaging and at the same time shuddering perspective on the human condition and the ever-present...

Long-term resident


Those of us just old enough to remember Dick Van Dyke doing his excruciating imitation of an English accent in ’Mary Poppins’ (1964) might also just remember the coup d’état which took place in...

Festivals without a date

The Covid-19 crisis has left the schedule of summer festivals up in the air. At this time, the promoters do not know if the events can be held or under what conditions, and some have already decided to cancel this year’s editions

Back to art

Six art professionals discuss the first works they want to rediscover when we leave lockdown behind


You can rely on Ovid

When people say Netflix, they are often referring in general to the range of online platforms streaming films and TV series, and such services came into their own during the lockdown. In our house, the...

TOP 10

The end of the world on your TV

Will the human species become extinct? Cinema has recreated all possible versions of pandemics and a post-apocalyptic planet. Now, Covid-19 is teaching us that reality can beat even the most fearsome fiction

The art of being at home

Two art historians have built an artistic website as a virtual imaginary museum of artworks set at home. QuedAR’T a casa shows more than one thousand ways to stay at home