Catalonia Today

ITW to report to UN on trial

International observers to make report on human rights violations at the Catalan independence trial

Limitations placed on interrogations criticized


Recuperating love at Fabra i Coats

Mireia Sallarès (Barcelona, 1973) has dedicated four-years to an investigation into love in Serbia. The investigation will be on show until April 28 at the Fabra i Coats art center. It was not easy to...


Allegations of fraud as two parties claim victory

Victory for Sunday’s election is attributed to both the pro-Thaksin party Puea Thai and the pro-military party Phalang Pracharat. The partial results gave a slight advantage to Pracharat, but hours later...

New Zealand

Royal commission into attacks announced

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced yesterday the creation of a commission of inquiry to analyze the performance of security forces in relation to the supremacist attack on two mosques...

Violence in spirit only

Experts argue the Catalan trial prosecutors are attempting to broaden the definition of “violence” as a reaction to a lack of proof of physical violence


Netanyahu & Trump’s support

Trump is happily making moves to support his main international ally at present. Today he’ll receive Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, in a nicely-timed move to give him some international attention...

Altsasu trial

Thousands demand Altsasu justice

Under the slogan “this is not justice”, 60,000 demonstrators turned to the streets this Sunday to demonstrate in favour of the eight youths sentenced in the Altsasu trial two weeks ago. Seven of the...


Barcelona seeks European supercomputer

Europe is to finance a new generation of supercomputer, arguing this is a fundamental tool for progress in the 21st century, and to ensure economic competitiveness with super-computing nations such as...


Real possibility of alternative to Netanyahu

After a decade in power, the upcoming elections in Israel, on April 9th, will be a sort of plebiscite on the rule of Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative Likud party. Netanyahu himself is the subject of...